Curly to Straight with Bain de Terre

About a week ago, I shared my process for transforming kinky curly hair to silky straight hair using products that reduce the effects of hot tools. I'd like to introduce you to an old friend of mine, bain de terre's Jasmine Blow Dry Smoothing Cream. The only way to straightening your hair and keep it healthy and on your head is to use the right products and protect your hair from the effects of hot tools.

It's All About Perspective

Another Monday, the weekend was over, and I was left with the feeling of wanting just one more day. Many of us feel this way on Mondays but we need to understand why so it doesn't take us down. It's all about perspective.

Curly to Straight with Smooth Results

Looks pretty sleek, right? Just like a professional blowout. It may be easier to go to a hairstylist but blowouts can get very expensive if your're going every week. Save yourself some cash and learn how to do it yourself.

Voila! My Vanity Stool is New Again

My new stool is beautiful. Can you believe I used a throw to cover it? Here's how I got it done.

Voila! Renewed Kitchen Table and Chairs

Okay, so it's not new, I've had my set of kitchen table and chairs for years but I gave it the  most fabulous makeover. Every time I look at it, I'm filled with pride. Once again, I've proven to myself that I can make anything old look new, as long as it's structure is solid. It's not perfect, I'm not professional by any means but I love to refinish furniture.

Curry Chicken by the Wendenator

I have one word for you, "yum" when I describe my curry chicken. As it's simmering on the stove, the smell makes your belly growl. It's a Caribbean style curry but has the consistency of Indian style curry. It's absolutely delicious, a celebration of flavors in your mouth. It took me years to develop this recipe, resulting from a combination of advice from who I'd consider to be curry chicken connoisseurs.
What I've landed on is quite special. Loved by all who taste it. After sharing the video through social media, there were a ton of requests to share the recipe. Enjoy and remember to cook it with love.

Rusk Thermal Serum Review

I love hair oils and serums but finding the one that works for my hair has been my mission.
I've not only just been looking for shine, I've been looking for protection against the damaging effects of heat from my styling methods. After two months, I can say, Rusk Thermal Serum delivers.