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Easy Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

This is a perfect recipe for those nights when you're exhausted and need to pull something together quickly. It's also pretty easy so it's perfect for someone who's new to the kitchen and limited on their cooking skills. If you're a veteran cook, you're going to love this simple recipe because you can add whatever you want. This recipe gives you pasta that's creamy and delicious. You'll be left with a celebration of flavors in your mouth. Enjoy!
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Warm Coat or Parka for Winter in Toronto - 2018

Winter's back and I noticed there's been a lot of traffic to my Parkas for 2015 Winter in Toronto post so I know some of you are feeling the cold. Winters in Toronto can be a mix of mild to cold weather with many moments of slushy wetness to icy fall-on-your-butt kind of conditions.

Blessed and Beautiful You

Feel like you've lost your sparkle? Do you dislike what you see in the mirror? What don't you like? Don't just sigh and walk away. Stop and take a closer look at your face, your arms, every part of your body. What do you really see?

Conditioners You'll Love

Since I've completed the transition from relaxed/permed hair to natural curls, my biggest challenge has been finding a way to reduce shedding and breakage. Curly hair tends to get very tangled, especially if you wash & go. They key to keeping more hair on your head and less in the comb is using the right conditioner. One slick enough to help the comb slide out the knots because the only time I comb out my curls is when there's conditioner in it.

From Curly to Straight in Less Than 1 Hour

My hair has grown a lot since I stopped relaxing. The transition took a long time, about two years, so I'm not about to damage it again. Wearing my hair natural has helped my hair to gain strength and thickness. But sometimes I just want to wear it straight and that means being careful not to damage it.

You've been sending me question about blowouts and how I go from curly to straight without doing severe damage. When it comes to hair growth, I have two key pieces of advice for you. Make sure to give your natural hair moisture and go the extra mile to protect it from heat. That's how I achieved the results in the before and after growth pic below.

These results are all me. I haven't been to a hairstylist in a very long time. Not because I can't find a good one, there are many talented stylists in Toronto. I just prefer to do my hair myself myself. Actually, anyone that knows me will tell you that I LOVE♥ doing my own hair. It comes out exactly how I want it to.


My Review of Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curl Cream

If your looking for shine, definition, flexibility, and a bit if a curl enhancer, Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curl Cream might just be for you.

Loving Gloss Bomb Lipgloss by Fenty

Finding a lovable lip gloss is a mission most of us have been on. In my opinion, a great lip gloss is long lasting, moisturizes, and feels comfortable to wear. That's why I have fallen in love with Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. It looks great, moisturizes my lips for hours and, instantly makes my lips feel soft and look pretty.

Why I love itgreat colorgreat scentnot stickylong lastingjust the amount of shine I loveaffordableFenty products are cruelty free

Whether you just need a touch of color and shine or you're trying to make your nude lips pop, Gloss Bomb will do the trick. It's rose nude hue seems to be perfect for all complexions and with shea butter as one of it's ingredients, it goes beyond the call of duty lip gloss duty, leaving your lips soft for hours.

A little bit of this lip gloss goes a long way. Sometimes, I put it on and there's no need to reapply it for hours. It's peachy vanilla scent is yummy but subtle. I…