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Journey Back to Me

Being a mother, a spouse, and a professional are all gifts and I know I'm blessed. But at times you can feel like you're doing a thankless job.

You go through a people-pleasing stage when your relationship is fresh and your children are young. You’re cooking fantastic dinners, getting the laundry done and putting it away. Essentially, you’re the administrator and CEO of the home.

Over the years, my friends have watched me whisking around the house trying to keep it spotless and preparing massive dinners. On many occasions they've said, “I don’t know how you do it”. For some reason, I translated that to mean, “girl, I wish I could do what you do” but what they actually meant was “I'm glad that I don't have to do it".

One day, a close friend told me that I needed to be a little more selfish. The word selfish suddenly took on a new meaning for me, self-preservation. While I was running around catering to the needs of everybody, I had forgotten how to enjoy my life.

"Me-time" was a whole new concept. What does one do with my me-time? What do I like and dislike? It took effort to remember my favorite color, my love for fashion, sewing, interior design, reading, and helping people.

Some ladies hold their heads up high when they're called a superwoman. But being a champ can be tiring.

I'm going to be a new type of champ. The kind that gets things done but works to live not lives to work. This is my journey back to me. It's going to be a long road but it's overdue. Going forward, I'm going to get more rest and be focused on having a peaceful and full life. Like I said, it will take time but it's okay. As a good friend told me once, "you have to crawl before you walk".