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Dating Tip - If He Doesn't Pay Send Him Away

This is not just a dating tip, this is my rule and I'm firm on this one... 

If you go on the first date and he doesn't pay, send him away...or you'll be paying for ever. 

I don’t care who asked who to go out, if he's a real man, then he will pull out his wallet and pay. Some of you may disagree with me but here's why I have this rule.

You should be valued. He is lucky to be on a date with you. If he can't even pay to take you out for a meal, does he deserve the time you're spending with him? I think not. 

Come on, if he likes you, he should put in the effort,no? I understand that sometimes folks are short on funds every now and then but if he's broke then what's wrong with planning a picnic or going out for a coffee. There are many cheap and cheerful but also romantic things he can plan. It's about his willingness to try.

Although a dinner date at his house would be very economical, don't go, its not a safe move for a first date. Actually, I advise against it on the second or third date too. Take your time to get to know him before going to his home.

Just in case, remember to always be prepared to pay for your part of the bill and have a safe plan for getting yourself home.