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Your Affirmations Will Come True

Photo: By Taige Smith

Think before you speak. Try not to make affirmations that could impact your life negatively. The definition of affirmation from included below reminds us that our words have power.

When you say things like, "I'm not lucky when it comes to relationships" or "I'll always be alone", you're making "a statement or proposition that is declared to be true".  You're telling yourself, the person your're saying it to, and the universe that you've accepted that you'll probably have bad luck in your next relationship and that you've accepted being alone.

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The next time you say something negative about yourself, reject it. Tell the universe that you didn't mean it. Tell the universe that you know you're a winner!

This also goes for negative affirmations that others make about you. Let them know that you're rejecting their negative words and opinions. If you affirm the negative, then you're having more faith in the negative than the positive. As Julia Roberts character says in the movie Pretty Woman, "the bad stuff is easier to believe than the good stuff". It is but it's so much better for your health to focus on the good stuff.

From now on, be your own cheerleader. Tell yourself good things, like "good things always happen to me" or "I'm successful in everything I try".

Be kind to yourself and don't make negativity your truth!