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Nike's Run With Hart - Toronto

Sunday, August 2, 2015 was a major milestone for me. I ran the "Nike Run With Hart", just one of the many events hosted by the Nike Running Club that has people running all over Toronto.
The run was along Lakeshore, beginning and ending at the Liberty Grand building. It was an absolutely beautiful day, perfect weather for a run.

I'm pretty sure there were over a thousand people, a larger crowd than usual, probably drawn out by the wanna-meet-Kevin factor. Up until I arrived, I was feeling a bit nervous. God, please don't let me be the slowest runner and please don't let me collapse. I love to run but I have a long way to go before I can call myself a runner. Then I get there and see that the crowd is a mix of the fit and not-so-fit, and I immediately relaxed.

The run lasted about an hour. I'm very relieved to say I ran most of it, with the exception of switching to a walk a couple of times for about 10 seconds. I finished the race with a smile and am proud to say, I wasn't out of breath.

Will I do it again? Hell ya! But the next one is gonna be a

Here's my twitter post with some video of Kevin Hart getting us hype for the race.