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Move Forward and Get Over It

By Wendy

Here's why you need to get over it and let it go...

This Too Shall Pass
This is the line my mother has said through many times of crisis (big or small). She also says, "nothing ever stays the same". You've probably heard the same message but said in different ways.

A pretty simple concept but quite calming, especially when you are going through a tough time. It's a friendly reminder that there will be an end to your problem. It can't last forever and you will survive whatever it is that you're going through.

Keep Calm and Move on
You've heard this one before. Let's say the scale of rationality goes from 1-10. I've been taught that you're at your most rational point when you are at one and at your least rational at 10. 

Do you think it’s possible to make good decisions when you are at 10, most irrational? You have to bring yourself down to at least 5 before you’ll be in the right mind frame to make good decisions or act without regrets. As a wise man asked me, do you want this moment to be a friend or a foe. Thank's Brian. My advice is that you don’t speak or act until you are back in a rational state of mind.
It’s Not Always About You
Hopefully, you haven't been told this one many times. We have to remember that people are thinking about themselves most of the time. so it leaves little time for people to focus on you and all the other people in their life.

Everyone has their own crap going on. The next time someone gives you a bit of attitude, before you react and take it personal, ask yourself if something else could be going on with them.

Bottom line, there is no point dwelling on anything. It's actually bad for your health. Let it go and get over it.