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My Relationship Rules

I'm no relationship expert by any means but these rules are based on my experiences and observations over the years. I've been with the same partner for about 16 years now and we still like and love each other. I'm sharing these rules to help you keep your relationship in perspective and give it a real chance. The key is to remain positive.

  1. Rejection is protection. This one is's more info.
  2. Relationships are hard. Anyone who tells you that a good relationship should be easy is lying. Every relationship takes work. 
  3. Remember the values that you walked in to the relationship with. Don't do anything that will make it hard for you to live with yourself after. 
  4. Make sure your partner is also your best friend. In today's world where everyone is putting themselves first, it will be the two of you against the world. You better have each other's back.
  5. Don't get in to a relationship unless you're willing to give it 100%. 
  6. Do not commit to a relationship if you're not ready to settle down. Trust me, lying or cheating only gets people angry and hurt. Tell the truth, there are enough people out there willing to be casual.
  7. Make sure you've chosen your partner for the right reasons. For example, if you're with your partner for money, they'll eventually see it. Plus, what if they lose it all?
  8. If you think your partner is about to make a bad decision or needs an attitude adjustment, tell them. You've got to keep each other on the right track. 
  9. Patience is the key to a long-term relationship. Only time will reveal. Take your time and be ready to learn and grow. 
  10. Choose your battles. You can't fight about everything, especially not at the same time. If everything is an emergency, then nothing is an emergency.
  11. Be willing to try new things and step out of your box. Your partner is not your twin. Actually, it's usually the differences that attract people to one another. You'll each have to step out of your box. In other words, broaden your horizons.
  12. You can always change a losing strategy and stand the chances of getting better results. When you find that you're hitting a wall in life, 
  13. There will be a moment (or moments) when you feel like you just can't stand your partner and the idea of squeezing his/her head gives you pleasure. Refrain. That feeling of frustration will pass and you will love him me.
  14. Love does not conquer all. You have to set boundaries and be loyal to one another. 
  15. There are some things that you should not tolerate. You will know what they are when they happen. 
  16. Reevaluate yourself every so often. Things change over time so you may have to recalibrate. Remember this is your life, cherish every moment.
  17. Regular sex is healthy and bonding. It also burns a ton of calories and leaves you feeling euphoric. Let yourself be free with your partner and enjoy each other. It's a beautiful thing when you can wake up after a night of great sex and not have to worry about what you did and the person you did it with. 
Do you have any rules to add? I'd love to hear from you.

That's it for now.