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Best Foundation Ever!

Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide by Laura Mercier is to die for. I love it, the finish is truly smooth and flawless. The best part is it matches my skin tone perfectly.

Image: Taige Smith

Manufacturer's Claim

"This revolutionary bi-phase, two part formula is designed to deliver the most natural looking colour and lightweight coverage. Colour true pigments rest at the bottom of the package while reflective waters (Hydro-Brilliant Technology) float to the top. Vigorously shaking the package before each use ensures the pigments blend with the reflective waters to create fresh colour every time.

Long-wear (12 hours). Humidity-proof, sweat-proof / water resistant. Oil-free; non-comedogenic. Non-greasy; non-drying. Dermatologist tested. Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin), especially normal-to-oily skins."

My Review

Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide is perfect for me. I can apply a light finish or I can add a little more to cover everything up. It never feels heavy on your skin. That pic above is me with a light finish about an hour after I applied it. Looks good, no? The finish is beautiful.

I like my makeup to look natural and I believe the key to that look is a smooth base. If my foundation fluid or powder is off, then I look off. Although foundation will help to cover things up, the true key to a smooth finish is well maintained skin. Masking and moisturizing are essential to flawless skin.

Because it is a bi-phased, two-part formula, there is a little more work required with this foundation because you have to shake it up for "at least 10 seconds" before every use. The web site suggests you apply it to clean skin with a "sponge or your "fingertips".


It was tough, long journey to Laura Mercier's foundation. For a while, I was dealing with foundations (won't mention them by name) that left my skin either dry, oily, pasty, chalky, the list goes on.

One day, I asked one of the beauty experts at Sephora to help me find a foundation that would give me a natural finish. She put a little gadget against my skin and voila! A bunch of foundation options in perfect shades popped up on the computer screen. When I asked which option was the best, they told me the Laura Mercier Fluide was the one I should go for. After hearing about it's layering abilities and anti-aging properties, I was sold. It's pricier than most of the other popular foundations but it's worth it. My shade is Praline and I bought it for $59.00 plus taxes.

This foundation gives me a smooth finish that lasts all day long. 

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