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Charlie Sheen - Blackmailed for H.I.V.

Courtesy: - Dr. Huizenga provides update on Charlie's diagnosis

This morning, on NBC's "Today" show, Charlie Sheen admitted he is H.I.V. positive and that he's been blackmailed out of millions to keep his diagnosis a secret.

He also said that now that he's publicly announced having the virus, the "shakedowns" for money should come to an abrupt stop. "I think that I release myself from prison today", he proclaimed.

Charlie's admission followed a post on the site with the "shocking" news that an "unnamed" actor was living with H.I.V. Then on Monday, the National Enquirer identified the "unnamed" actor as Charlie Sheen. Other tabloids then followed suit.

Image:, Matt Lauer Interview Charlie Sheen

It's always a traumatic moment when someone is diagnosed with H.I.V. It is a life altering moment, not only for the individual but for their family and friends too. But I have a strong sense that the karma gods have played a role. To his own admission, Charlie has been "making a lot of bad decisions". He hasn't just been abusive to himself, he's been abusive to many people for many years.

The good news for Charlie is that his doctor, Dr. Huizenga confirmed his HIV is no longer detectable. However, Charlie is fully aware that he can still transmit the disease through unprotected sex.

The bad news is Charlie Sheen has an extensive history of abuse, threats and assaults against women.


According to Jezebel, he's been abusive to women for the past 20 years. In my opinion, this guy is train wreck that has left a trail of women with deep emotional and physical scars. That's the REAL story here.

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