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Thx Sephora, Loving the B-day Gifts

In the spring, I went to Sephora to pick up a few things with a friend of mine. When we were cashing out, I remembered that I'd lost my Sephora BeautyInsider card and thought, I might as well ask for a replacement.

The lady at the cash asked for my phone number and then in a very concerned tone, she said, "Oh no! You haven't picked up your birthday gift as yet". For a second, I was confused. I thought to myself, what birthday gift? My birthday was in January.

She handed me a little rectangular box that said NARS. I felt so special. Inside were two NARS Lip Pencils, one matte in Cruella (deep red) and the other satin in Rikygien (medium neutral pink). Great colors, quite possibly suitable for any shade of skin.

Sephora's Beauty Insider Club is on point. Not just for the gifts, Sephora actually thanks you for being a customer by rewarding you for spending your money! Do I feel motivated to go to Sephora for most, if not all of my beauty needs? Most definitely.

A big thank you to Sephora for my birthday gift!

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