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Remington Pearl, Best Hair Dryer for $40 or Less!

Get the smoothest salon finish ever with the T|Studio™ Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer.
Do you really need to spend $100 or more on a hair dryer? I have two hair dryers and the professional one I spent over $100 for cannot compare to the smooth and silky results I get with my Remington AC2015 T Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer. I got it for less than $40 two years ago and I love it!

Remington's Claim
  • Patent-pending ceramic pearl technology for the smoothest salon finish ever
  • 1875 watt ac motor for 40% faster drying time and 3x longer motor life
  • Ionic conditioning
  • 3 heat settings/2 speeds
  • Bonus concentrator and diffuser included
My Review

The Remington Pearl hair dryer out-performs my very expensive professional hair dryer. The company is not lying, for the last two years I've ended up with blowouts that are "the smoothest salon finish ever". Like I said, for two years I've relied on the Remington and it's still reliable.

The difference between the Remington and other dryers quickly becomes obvious to anyone who purchases one. It's versatile with three heat settings and two speeds.Even when I use the medium heat setting, my hair gets to silky without it becoming dry and damaged over time.  It must be the Remington pearl technology "which features nourishing micro-conditioners" that help to give a smooth luxurious finish.

This blow dryer is one of the best. Even though Remington's site boasts that it reduces your drying time by 40%, I swear it's cut my drying time in half. 

How do I use it?

Straight Hair Styles

I wash my hair using Giovanni's Deeper Moisture shampoo. Then I generously coat my hair with Giovanni's Deeper Moisture Conditioner and leave it in my hair as I continue my shower. Just before I'm about to get out of the shower, I rinse out the conditioner. 

To prep for my blow out, I apply a leave-in  and a bit of argan oil. Then I wrap my hair in a t-shirt to remove the excess water. I then divide my hair into 4 sections. I blow dry the bottom two sections using a paddle brush and then move on to the top two. I blow dry my hair on the medium heat setting with the higher blow level. I don't go for super straight when I plan to finish off the style with a hot tool. I then apply some heat protector, usually argan oil, and finish off my style with the curling or flat iron.

As you can see from my pic below, I end up with soft, shiny, fabulous hair with a lot of movement!

Naturally Curly Hair Style

I wash my hair, combing it out as I rinse out the conditioner. When I go curly, the only time a comb or brush touches my hair is when I'm in the shower rinsing out my conditioner. That's the best and only time to detangle your hair when you plan to wear your hair curly. Just before wrapping my hair in a t-shirt, I apply a blob Cantu mixed with a bit of oil and small puff of hair mousse (I like Finesse). I wrap it with a t-shirt and leave it in while I'm getting ready. The t-shirt helps to reduce frizz and hold the definition of your curls.The final step is drying my hair with the diffuser attachment on the medium heat and low blow setting. The Remington has an excellent diffuser, promoting volume while limiting the frizz.

The end result is shiny, healthy, defined curls.

Shiny, defined, curly hair

If you're wondering where to pick up a Remington Pearl Hair Dryer, I picked one up at Walmart for less than $40 when my very expensive, professional hair dryer died in the middle of a blow out. I took a chance when I bought it the Remington and now I love it! It truly is the best hair dryer I've ever had.