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Rusk Thermal Serum Review

I love hair oils and serums but finding the one that works for my hair has been my mission.
I've not only just been looking for shine, I've been looking for protection against the damaging effects of heat from my styling methods. After two months, I can say, Rusk Thermal Serum delivers.

Company's Claim

"Eliminate dryness and frizz instantly with RUSK® Thermal Alcohol-Free Serum. It’s a highly concentrated serum that smoothes and seals the hair’s cuticle, eliminating dryness and frizziness instantly. Ideal before or after blow-drying, it immediately creates silky, soft and healthy-looking hair. Perfect for color-treated hair or chemically treated hair."

My Review

Rusk is not lying, this product does exactly what the company says. I've been using this product for about a month now. I love how smooth and shiny my hair gets but most of all, this product has proven itself when it comes to thermal protections. I'm always changing it up, in the same week I could go from straight to naturally curly and back to straight again. Combined with ongoing coloring, my hair tends to get very dry.

As you can see from my posts on hair care, I'm big on moisture, which is truly the key to healthy curly hair. But at times it doesn't matter how much moisture you feed your hair, you need a shine serum to give it that gloss. This does both and it doesn't weight your hair down even after reapplication.

How I Use It

Straight Hair Styles

After applying a leave-in conditioner, its time for Rusk Thermal Serum. I work it through my hair, from the roots to the ends. You can see the shine instantly. Then I blow dry my hair using a round brush with boar bristles.
EX5 - XL

After the blow out, because my hair tends to get very dry, I add a little more Rusk Thermal Serum but focusing on the ends of my hair. Then I flat iron or curl my hair in very small sections at a time, starting at the base of my hair). End result is shiny, frizz-free hair with lots of movement and bounce.

Curly Day

Naturally Curly Styles

When I decide to let my curls go free, the only time I untangle my hair is while I'm in the shower. I make sure to use a conditioner like Giovanni's Smooth as Silk Conditioner that makes my hair smooth creates the slickness needed to comb through my hair. When dealing with curly hair, I refrain from using a comb or brush for the rest of the styling process. That's how I've managed to reduce my hair from shedding and breaking.   

Then I dab my hair to get rid of the excess water using a t-shirt, not a towel. Then apply your favorite leave-in (my faves are Mixed Chicks Leave-in and Marc Anthony's Curl Envy) and Rusk Thermal Serum. If my hair is still very wet, I loosely wrap my hair with the t-shirt and leave it on for about 5 minutes. The t-shirt helps to reduce the frizzies. Then using the diffuser attachment to dry my hair. Voila! Full-bodied, bouncy curls with lots of shine.  

I recommend this product for every type of hair, except for extremely thin hair that tends to get oily on a daily basis. If you're a curly girl like my daughter or me, I think you'll fall in love with Rusk Thermal Serum

What are you using for thermal protection? Let me know in my comments section.

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