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Curly to Straight with Bain de Terre

About a week ago, I shared my process for transforming kinky curly hair to silky straight hair using products that reduce the effects of hot tools. I'd like to introduce you to an old friend of mine, bain de terre's Jasmine Blow Dry Smoothing Cream. The only way to straightening your hair and keep it healthy and on your head is to use the right products and protect your hair from the effects of hot tools.

This blow dry cream gives my hair shine and makes going from curly to straight a much quicker and easier process. I always have a tube of bain de terre hanging around the house because I go back to it every so often, usually when I notice my hair is breaking. It's my old go-to product that brings my hair back to life giving it strength and shine. 

For these pics, I washed my hair with Giovanni Ultra-Luxurious shampoo. Then I conditioned it using Unique One Superior 10R Hair Mask. I applied the jasmine smoothing cream to my hair, combing it through making sure to cover each strand.

I blow dried and straightened it using the same process as in my post, Curly to Straight with Smooth Results, but I used a curling iron instead of the flat iron. 

To finish off  your hair using a curling iron, you slightly turn the curling iron while pulling it through small sections of the hair. How much you turn the iron depends on the desired intensity of the curl. 

I wash once a week and usually move to updoes by the third or fourth to preserve my blow out. For ongoing protection against heat styling, I won't touch my hair with a flat or curling iron without Rusk Thermal Hair Serum

Let me know if there's anything I missed or if you have any questions.

Enjoy taking care of yourself.