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Curly to Straight with Smooth Results

Looks pretty sleek, right? Just like a professional blowout. It may be easier to go to a hairstylist but blowouts can get very expensive if your're going every week. Save yourself some cash and learn how to do it yourself. 

The result you see in the pics above aren't hard to accomplish. Straightening your hair just requires time, patience and practice. I'll show you the tools and products I used and then I'll take you through my process. Remember to avoid extreme heat and straighten the hair in tiny flat sections at a time.

Here's a couple of before pics. These curls are type 3 but I've used the same steps to straighten unprocessed (no relaxer), kinky to very coarse hair, like mine.


2chic Cherry Blossom & Rose Petals Ultra-Luxurious Shampoo & Conditioner
Cantu with Shea Butter Leave-in Mousturizing Treatment
UniqOne Leave-In Treatment
Rusk Thermal Serum
Remington Pearl Blow Dryer
Large Round Boar-Bristle Brush
Fine-tooth comb with a fine tail 
Large hair clips

My Process

  1. Shampoo the hair at least twice, giving the scalp a good massage.
  2. Apply the conditioner, working it through from the scalp pushing the excess to the ends.Gently comb it through.
  3. Leave the conditioner in at least for 5 minutes, 20 minutes if you want a deep treatment. Rinse thoroughly. Dry gently and wrap the hair in a towel for a few minutes.
  4. Apply a dime size glob of Cantu and UniqOne to damp hair starting from the ends working it up to the scalp. Comb through the leave-ins.
  5. Part the hair into 4 sections with 1 part down the middle and 1 across from ear to ear. Clip up each section.
  6. Now it's time to blow dry. Use medium heat setting. The hottest setting is tempting but although it may dry your hair faster, it can leave you with permanent damage..
  7. Starting with one of the bottom sections, part out a small section using the tail of the comb. Blow dry that section using the round brush. Starting from the scalp, keep pulling the hair through the brush, while slowly twirling the brush until the hair is dry and semi-smooth. Leave me a comment if you need me to elaborate.
  8. As you finish drying each section, clip it up.
  9. Make sure your flat iron is set to 400° or lower. The Rusk Thermal Serum helps to prevent damage and helps the iron to glide through the hair. Squeeze out a small glob on a plate as part of the set up.
  10. With the hair in 4 sections, start with one of the bottom sections. 
  11. Part out a small, flat section of hair. Dab your finger into the glob of Rusk serum and apply it to the hair trying your best to cover each strand. Comb it through.
  12. Starting close to the scalp, with comb upside down, position the fine tooth comb behind the flat iron so that it's sort of guiding the hair as you pull the iron through to the ends of the hair.
  13. You should only have to pull the iron through each section of the hair once to get smooth results. 
The end result is smooth, straight hair. For ongoing maintenance between straightening pin up or wrap your hair according to your style and cover it with a scarf or head tie of your choice. If not, you'll find yourself applying heat daily and that is not good for you hair.

Take care of your hair and I'll have more tips for you soon.

Helping you find your hidden gem.