Natural Curls? Try Marc Anthony's Curl Envy Curl Cream

A lot of ladies, especially other curly girls, have been asking what I've been using in my hair. This is it! The answer to our curly hair dreams. Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream is kickass over everything else I've tried and trust me I've tried many.

It delivers the shine, definition, and just enough hold that I've been searching for. But the reason this product wins over other curl creams is that it delivers a ton of moisture without leaving your hair sticky. Plus, the moisture and shine lasts all day. There are other products that I've tried but they're runner-ups to Curl Envy.

I've been using this product for my wash-and-goes for about 4 months now and I love it. Listen ladies, I fully acknowledge that not all naturally curly sisters can rock the wash-and-go but you can also use it for twists and other protective styles.

Curl Envy leaves your hair soft and shiny and makes your curls pop for the entire day. Sometimes, I can stretch my wash-and-go to two days by spraying in some water and and reapplying the curl cream. Marc Anthony Curl Cream is by far my favorite curl defining cream.

I have a never-fail process for curl popping to share with you that you will not regret trying. Look out for my upcoming blog on My Wash-and-Go Process.

Let me know what you need to know.




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