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2017 Winter in Toronto? Find Cozy Parkas and Puffers

I noticed a lot of traffic to my Parkas for 2015 Winter in Toronto post so here's an update for 2017. Winter in Toronto isn't consistent from the beginning to the end. It's a mix of mild to cold weather with many moments of slushy wetness to icy fall-on-your-butt kind of conditions.

To get through our winters, you'll need very warm winter boots with non-slip soles, a light waterproof puffer jacket for mild days, and a waterproof heavy parka or puffer for those super cold days...brrr.

Here's what I've found on my many shopping journeys in Toronto...


Qin Imagine Jackets 

I bought one (the one in the middle pic) in 2016 and it's still beautiful, warm and fashionable. Great customer service, great coat, and I'm warm as a baby in a blanket!

This one is for the ladies. Qin is a hidden gem located at Bathurst and St. Clair in downtown Toronto, 568 St. Clair Avenue West to be exact. You'll find beautiful, warm, down jackets, some trimmed with real fur. The 2017 styles are selling for under $600CAD and there are super deals on jackets from last season for under $300.

Qin's coats are beautiful, of super quality, and are manufactured by the store owners right here in Ontario. They keep you really warm right down to -35°C because of their quilted 90% duck down filling and 10% destemmed feathers. They're machine washable with removable fur.  The outer shells are water resistant, with a stylish nylon interior lining.


Canada Goose

I am a lover of Canada Goose, they're beautiful coats that keep you warm and cozy and keep you dry through those wet slushy conditions.  The company started in a small warehouse in Toronto about 60 years ago and now they are "one of the world's leading makers of luxury apparel.

When I was pregnant my daughter, I had a Canada Goose bomber and let me tell you, it kept me and the baby warm. I was so sad when I realized that it was just way too big without the baby in my belly.

Canada Goose jackets are pretty pricey, starting from about $600 and up but I'm sure they are the BEST in the world. For example, the one in the pic above is one of the warmest Canada Goose jackets for men and it's called the Langford Parka. It comes in eight different colours and sells for $925 online.

BIG TIP: If you're buying your Canada Goose item online be very careful, there's a ton of scammers out there. To protect you, the company has it's own Counterfeit page with a tool you can use to "Verify the Retailer" before you make a purchase.

I love Canada Goose! It's Canadian and they've delivered on style, warmth, and comfort, and that's not a combination that's easy to find. I love them so much, I'm saving up for a new one...but for next winter.


Winners and Marshalls

For guys and gals, Winners and Marshalls have an abundance of winter coats, including a great selection of ski jackets and parkas. The prices are always pretty good and lower than at other retail stores. For example, parkas are $99 and up. This year I found a Triple-5-Soul, super warm jacket on sale for $99, down from over $200. Winners and Marshalls are stores where you'll need to have your shopping lucky charm with you but when you find a deal it's usually pretty amazing.

A friend of mine found a great down-filled parka with a removable hood and fur trim for only $200. He's very happy with his coat, it looks really good and it keeps him warm...although he's complained saying the coat is too hot. Lol. Winners and Marshalls have a good selection of jackets for women, men, and kids too so it's worth checking out.

Hudson's Bay

Hudson's Bay locations have a huge collection of Parkas and puffers that are usually on sale from October to December. I bought the lightweight, "packable", puffer in the pic above for my daughter at the beginning of November. It's  made by Design Lab Lord & Taylor and it was on sale for $100, down from $200.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like within you price range online or at one of Hudson's Bay many locations. Keep in mind that the bigger the store, the larger the selection of coats.

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

MEC has a great selection of Parkas. They may be a little bit more on the pricey side but they pride themselves on providing quality gear and excellent value. The Indygena Ayaba Parka for women (pic above) is an excellent coat, selling for $525.

A lot of MEC's coats for men, women, children have been marked down to prices ranging from about $120 and up . You'll find some great coats for the entire family!


Aritzia and TNA

Like many women, I truly adore a lot of the clothes at Aritzia but the parkas have an excellent reputation. Every one I've known who owns an Aritzia/TNA parka swears by it's quality and that it's warm and cozy like blanket. They have beautiful vegan fur trimming that looks authentic not tacky.

If you're looking for a coat, the prices are pretty good right now. Like the Oskar Parka, it was $295 and now the online store is showing it for $147.50. Sa-weet price for a winter coat that's warm, water-repellent and wind-resistant.


The North Face

North Face started in San Francisco and word of mouth tells me that their jackets are a great purchase and will keep you warm for many winters in Toronto. North Face jacket wearers swear by their quality, warmth, and durability.

In 2014, North Face launched it's ThermoBall™ technology, bird friendly "state-of-the-art insulation that is superior to down". The company boasts that the insulation "provides uncompromising warmth even when wet, making it the new go-to jacket for any adventure". For their "new alternative to down", North Face won the new PETA Innovator for Animals award.

A pretty popular jacket for ladies is the Women's Arctic Down Parka (in the pic above), which comes in six colors. It's selling on North Face's online store for $399 but I recommend you shop around, I've lower prices on other sites. Watch out for the scammers though.

From what I've heard from North Face wearers, their parka and puffer jackets are good. A bit pricey but worth every cent.



Last but definitely not least is Columbia. Started in Portland, Oregon, Columbia has been making gear for about 70 years. The Chairman, Gert Boyle, known to have a tough mother persona has led the company with the directive of "it's perfect, now make it better".

A good choice is the Women's Madraune II Jacket in the pic above. It's is water resistant, down filled with Omni-Heat Reflective warmth, and it has an adjustable hood. It's selling online for $247, with an original price of $329.

Another great pick is the "Interchange" jackets, like the Bugaboo. It's great for winter but layered so as the weather changes, you can stay comfortable by reducing or increasing the layers.

Well that's all I've got for now. Let me know if you have any other recommendations. 

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Stay warm!