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Super Curls Using the Shingling Method

I'm still learning how to maintain my natural hair so I'm always searching for new ways to style it.  The amount of information available is remarkable. There are so many how-to blogs and videos of ladies sharing their tips and tricks.

My regular method is my wash and go. A process that includes my golden rule, only use a comb when I have conditioner in my hair...unless I'm doing an updo or touching up my edges. One of the methods I tried was "shingling".

To shingle, you run curl cream, gel or both through tiny sections of your hair, give it a little shake, then let it go. You can let it air dry or use the blow dryer, with the difuser attachment (on  a low/cool temperature setting). Then you finish it off by using your fingers or a hairpic to work it into the style and shape you want. It's super easy...and pretty relaxing.

The first time I tried shingling, I used:

Some of Shea Moisture's products just don't seem to work for my hair but the leave-in gave my hair the moisture it needed and the gel gave it just enough definition and a ton of shine.

As you can see in the pic above, the end result was very shiny, full, with a mix of defined curls and ringlets. I wasn't feeling the ringlets but I realised they were a result of me not following the instructions properly. I added a twirl to each tiny section, instead of pulling it through, shaking, and letting it go. So of course, I had to try it again the next day...

Voila! Shingling worked out well the second time. I followed the instructions and reverted back to the products I use for my wash and go:

Did I like the shingling method? Loved it. I've tried it about three times and each time the definition and shine lasted for about two days. My wash and go is still my go-to when I don't have time to spare but I've added the shingling for added definition and style control.

If you're looking for ways to maintain your 3 - 4 type natural curls, try shingling. See my list below of  some great how-to videos and give them a try.


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