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My Favorite Leave-Ins for Natural Curls 2018

A good leave-in conditioner is essential if you want strong healthy hair. It's also a key step to achieving the style you want, whether it be curly and defined or smooth and straight. The goal is finding the right leave-in that works with the texture of your hair. It should provide the nutrients that can guard it from damage.

As you know, I'm always trying new products but I've found a few that I love and always have around. These leave-ins are the first step to my favorite styles, like wash and go, shingling, raking, twists, etc.

Revlons Unique One All-in-One Hair Treatment (for 3a to 3c type curls)

This one is my all time favorite leave-in. I discovered it years ago, when I use to have relaxed (permed/chemically straightened) hair. The first time I tried it, my blowout turned out silky with a ton of movement. Although, I regularly attacked my hair with my blow dryer and flat iron, UniqOne reduced my breakage almost instantly.

It was just a few weeks ago that I decided to use it for my wash and go. I ran it through, just before applying a bit of  Marc Anthony's Curl Envy Curl Cream (my favourite) and I couldn't believe how amazing my curls looked. Since then, I've even skipped the curl cream and just used a little Eco gel around the hair line.

Uniq One delivers the moisture my 3b-c type hair has been thirsting for. My curls turn in to springs and the definition lasts up two days. Revlon boasts that it has 10 benefits, including repair for dry and damaged hair, shine and frizz control, split ends protection, and heat protection. I'm convinced, my hair is getting fuller, shinier, and longer with every use. I love the smell, it has a mix of floral, fruity and a touch of patchouli. If you're sensitive to scents, this may not be for you.

Although it comes in a spray bottle, it's a light creamy consistency that sticks to the hair shaft but not thick and heavy. Keep in mind if the texture of your coils is higher than 3c type, this leave-in may not be enough. You may need to add another product for more hold and definition.

Give this one a try whether you have straight or curly hair.

Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow and Restore Leave-In Conditioner   (for 3c to 4c curls)

This leave-in has a thin consistency but is a little heavier than Uniq One. It's packed with organic nutrients like shea butter, peppermint, keratin, Jamaican black castor oil and it's sulfate free. I highly recommend Shea Moisture's leave-in, especially if your hair is in dire need of revival and repair.

It's slickness is perfect for detangling because the comb glides right through the knots. It's absolutely perfect for natural styles, like shingling and twists and gives my style longevity by lasting for a couple more days than my normal wash and go.

I love it for my curls, but it's super for blowouts, straightening and other styles that call for heat protection. This leave-in is a "reparative" conditioner that can help to turn your hair around and provide the elasticity to resist breakage.

I highly recommend this leave-in for both the natural (curls/coils) or processed (color/relaxed) ladies. I was originally going to tell you that Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow and Restore Leave-In Conditioner is for 3c to 4c curls. I changed my mind after trying it on my daughter's 3b curls. Women of diverse backgrounds with anywhere from 2a type to 4c type curls seem to love it!

Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream (with Shea Butter or Argon oil)

The first time I tried Cantu, I absolutely loved it. My hair felt like I gave it the love it was begging for, the hydration was instant and the comb glided right through. Now I'm a loyal fan and always have a tub of it lying around.

It revives dry, damaged hair and gives it the strength it needs to stay on your head. It truly helped me through my transition from relaxed to natural hair. I didn't do the big chop, I chose to grow out my relaxed hair instead. This meant paying special attention to the weakest point of the hair shaft, where the processed hair meets the natural hair.

A key tip to remember is to avoid mixing Cantu Leave-in with other curl creams or gels, it may get clumpy, just doesn't work. Also, I usually need to add oil to get a good shiny finish and it helps to seal in moisture in to the shaft.

This product is just the right consistency for 3c-4c type hair but a little too heavy for thinner, less curly textures. I have to admit, Cantu's formula has changed and also includes ingredients that many natural ladies try to avoid, like rubbing alcohol. If you can find the formula, that lists shea butter as it's second ingredient (after water), grab it, you won't be sorry.

Make sure you k ow your curl type. Let me know what leave-in you love and why you think it works for you!

Until then...pamper yourself.