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Ladies, I've been doing my own hair, mani-pedis, skin care, and any other maintenance I require for years. My mother taught me that it's extremely important for a woman to love herself. A huge part of that is knowing how to maintain herself.

From the age of 13 years old, I've been doing my own hair, using my Mom's tools and products, of course. Since then, I've learned many tricks of the trade and developed my own. I truly believe that because I've taken care of my own hair and body, my hair is still thick and healthy and my skin is I've avoided epic failures.

I'm always looking for products that work to enhance my hair and body. Not change it, just enhance it. This blog is a journal of my  like to take you with me on my hair journey. A journey where I'm researching and trying new products, methods and styles.

I am not an expert but I love to share beauty and product reviews, uplifting ideas, and simple reflections on life. I know my special purpose is to help others and boost their confidence.

One more thing. As women, we deal with a lot of the same issues. Let's not only enhance ourselves, let's make a commitment to enhance each other, every chance we get.

You're beautiful lady!