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Take it slow

Hold back, don't dive right in and proceed with caution.  You can't rush something you want to last forever. 

Rejection is Protection

Rejection is protectionis my all-time favorite saying. It's a perspective that many people find hard to accept right away but after a few experiences of witnessing the benefits of rejection, they get it and live by it. I've proven it to be true in every aspect of my life.

Your Affirmations Will Come True

Think before you speak. Try not to make affirmations that could impact your life negatively. The definition of affirmation from included below reminds us that our words have power.

Dating Tip - If He Doesn't Pay Send Him Away

This is not just a dating tip, this is my rule and I'm firm on this one... 

If you go on the first date and he doesn't pay, send him away...or you'll be paying for ever.