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Showing posts from April, 2015

Strong & Silky Hair with ORS Hair Mayonnnaise

I'm not even half way through my first jar of Hair Mayonnaise by ORS and my hair is back to life. Although I already had a great hair routine going, this hair mayo has improved it. My hair is strong, easy to comb through, extra movement and feels super silky.

DIY Pedi...the Wendenator Way

I love pedicures, especially when someone else does them for me. But the last few times haven't gone so well. So I've gone back to doing my own, like I use to for many years. I'm talking about the whole routine. It's a process and I have mine down. Actually, at this point, I can say that no one can give me a pedicure better than me.

Yummy Lemon Squares - Tested

It's impossible to have just one these lemon squares. I've made this recipe many times. It's my go-to recipe for lemon squares because it's easy and fast. You'll get lots of kudos for bringing it to your next bake sale or potluck.

Best Blueberry Coffee Cake

I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like this light and fluffy coffee cake.

Rice and Peas

So you love rice and peas but you don't know how to make it. Here's how my mom taught me. Easy peasie!