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Be a Fan, Not a Fanatic

What is a fan? In most cases, fans are like me, they admire their favorite celebrities from afar, fully accepting that they may never be within 10 feet of them. They live in the real world so the thought of actually touching their favorite celebrity doesn't occur to them.

Some fans are absolutely nuts; variations of nuts but real nuts. Let me clarify what I mean when I use the word "nut" to describe a specific type of fan. The nuts I'm referring to, well, they're quite confusing; proclaiming their love for a celebrity while running the risk of causing that same celebrity physical, emotional and/or mental harm.

I'm talking about people who call themselves fans but try to tear off their favorite celebrities' clothing or aggressively grab at them, making their idols feel like they're about to lose a limb. To those ones, I say, settle the hell down. You're scaring the shit out of the person you claim to love and worship.

Next time you see celebrities walk through screaming fans and flashing paparazzi, take a look at their faces. Look out for their nervous pageant smiles. Better yet, look at the scared faces of their children. Why are they nervous and frightened? Because, celebrities and their families are shocked
by the wild way people react to them. Eventually the surprise grows into fear of the fact that people worship the ground they walk on, they see them as a God.

Celebrities know they are not Gods, they know they're human just like their fans. But many celebs are unable to avoid the feeling of control that comes with the power of influence over their fans. In other words, the fame does eventually go to some of their heads.

I have to wonder if fans have become crazier? Okay fine, I know, fans have been throwing themselves on top of and in front of moving cars for decades, but what are they hoping to accomplish? Who in their right mind is going to want to associate with someone who just threw themselves in front of your limo?

Let's put it in to persepective. You admire someone who is also admired by many, perhaps millions of other people. Yet, for some reason, you believe they should notice you, make time for you. Just recently, I read about a celebrity was told off by a fan because the celebrity failed to respond to their tweet. That's unbelievable and dare I say it again, that's nuts. To that fan, I ask the question, who do you think you are?

If only nutty fans could see themselves in action and truly see the effect of their nutty behavior. Imagine getting out of a car and having thousands of people screaming for you, some staring as if they want a piece of you because you're a collector's item. Or imagine walking through the mall and all of a sudden you have to start running from hundreds of screaming girls, with a spooky glare in their eyes. Their hands reaching out to you as they cry and scream "I love you". You would be asking yourself what the hell is going on as you run for your life. No?

It doesn't make any sense to go out of your way to make a fool of yourself for someone who has no idea who you are. For instance, Bianca London outlines many examples of extreme things Beliebers will do to demonstrate their love for Justin Bieber. My favorite was the pic of a bunch of his fans making out with the floor because they knew he walked on it. Sounds crazy with a hint of cuteness? Nope.

What's definitely not cute are the rumors of security breaches that some believe have changed Justin Bieber's views on meet-and-greets with fans. As Nigel Smith (The Guardian), speculated in his article for the Guardian,  the reason for Justin's change of heart is that a "potentially dangerous fan" got pretty close to him at a "backstage meet-and-greet". Not cute at all.

Meet-and-greets are opportunities for fans to meet, get autographs from, and on some occasions, have brief chats with celebrities. Fans have paid up to $10,000 for meet-and-greets. In my opinion, it's a ridiculous waste of money and the celebrities asking for the highest payments are the more famous and wealthy ones. Come on, they don't really need the money. I apologize now, if the money goes to charity.

The truth is, many fans have reported that they felt quite deflated after meet-and greets. They report that they had higher expectations of what it would be like to meet their favourite celebrity. Braden speaks to in his Baewatch blog post, "It's not you, it's me: the truth about celebrity meet and greets".  What about the people who finally meet their idol only to be brushed off or ignored? Imagine being told, "don't touch me" by your favorite celeb? Not mentioning any names.

I'm not saying you shouldn't admire a celebrity, nor am I saying you shouldn't want an autograph. I'm just saying have some dignity, have some pride. Keep this in mind, when you interrupt their dinner for an autograph or you run up in front of them and flash a camera in their face, you are intruding that individual's privacy. It is assault to grab and yank at any one. Okay, what I'm really saying is, if it sounds like I'm describing you, then you need to stop.

Incidents with nutty fans have pushed many celebrities into isolation. Then there's the issue of deteriorated health associated with the increasing demand from fans for more access to celebrities. Basically, there's an increased need for celebrities to do public relations, leaving them very tired. Not only that, some are left feeling quite depressed with loads of anxiety. Understandable.

So the next time you get the chance to meet a celebrity, before you attempt to interact with them, ask yourself one question. Am I fan or a fanatic? Then calmly ask for an autograph or tell them how much you admire their work...and stop there. Don't scream and whatever it takes, don't cry because you will scare your favorite celebrity and cause their security to go into defense mode.

No matter how you much they are adores, celebrities are human. They are real and not immortal, although, some may look immortal. Some say the nutty behaviour I've described here is the price of fame but I don't agree. I don't know, maybe I'm way off but I don't think that what I've described here should be the cost of fame.

Let me know what you think.



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