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Great Lashes from Great Lashes!

After a few years of using many different mascaras, I spotted Mabelline's Great Lash on sale for a wicked price. It dawned on me that I use to rely on Great Lash in my late teens and throughout my twenties. It was what all my friends used. So I felt compelled to grab, not just one but two, one waterproof and one regular with a new cone shaped brush.  After using  the regular one daily for the last couple of months, I'm convinced that Maybelline killed it with the cone shaped brush. I'm hooked. The waterproof, goes on great but I reserve it for the moments where a water repellent is necessary.

Overall, I've just got to say, I have no idea why I ever stopped using Great Lash.

Let me just take a moment to tell you why you've got to trust my judgement, I absolutely love mascara. I love putting it on so much that I can apply it perfectly without a mirror...a talent that's fascinated many commuters when applying it on my way to work. I'm in love with it and I just don't feel like I'm ready for the world without it. 

I know that you don't have to spend a ton of money for mascara. If you know how to apply it, Great Lash will become one of your best friends...if it's not already in your cosmetic bag.  I have the best fail-proof process for applying mascara that will have people asking you if you're wearing eyelash extensions. You'll need about 10 minutes.

How to make your eyelashes pop

  1. Gently push the brush in to the mascara tube a couple of times. Do not pump it.
  2. Apply a thin layer of mascara to your eyelashes carefully covering each lash. With each stroke, pull the mascara from the lash lid to the ends slowly. Focus on lengthening the ends of the lashes using the mascara.  
  3. Then put the brush back in the mascara tube and wait at least 30 seconds. 
  4. Then apply a second coat repeating step 1.
  5. Then repeat step 2 and wait.
  6. Then apply a third coat repeating step 1.
  7. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you build up your lashes what you desire.
With each coat and stroke, you'll notice your lashes getting longer and thicker. Great Lash's consistency is perfect for building up your lashes without clumping.  All I can say is, I am done, I will never buy any other mascara than Great Lash ever again. By the way, no one is paying me to say any of this. I just think you need to know.

Looking good does not have to break your pocket. The $40 mascaras are great but if you want something great with a softer hit to your pocket, try Great Lash. It's been winning awards for over 20 years and it's considered the best by many. If you haven't tried it, you should and if you have tried it, I know you're going to go grab it tomorrow because you remember how it worked.

Our lashes do something remarkable to our faces when they are enhanced. Great Lash is perfect for building up to the look you're trying to achieve. 

Let me know if you've tried it. If you have, I have feeling you love it too.

Keep loving yourself.



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