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Making Happiness

Happiness isn't something someone can give you. You have to create it for yourself. I'm sure you've heard this before. Happiness is a state of mind that relies on many factors but the key ones are your emotions, your mind set, and your physical state. Without any help from other human beings, you can make yourself feel happy, content, and fulfilled.

You have the power to make yourself feel sad, angry, and empty.  Think about the times where you have felt great versus the times that you've been in the dumps. Your highs and lows are a result of your  thoughts and your internal noise. It has to do with your mindset about yourself, specifically the words you use and statements you make during self talk.

People who are truly happy know that they should not seek happiness from others. They've mastered the art of knowing how to simply reject the people and things that steal their joy. What that means is your journey to happiness may require a purge. You may have to let go or distance yourself from the people in your life that bring you down. Think about times when you've felt bad and reached out to friends to tell them what's going on. Did you feel worse of better after chatting with them? Did they uplift you or did they kick you when you were down. People can't make you happy but they can rain on your parade. All I'm saying is, get rid of the joy-stealers and surround yourself with the people and the things that bring joy to your life.

Making happiness is something only you can do for yourself. As you work towards your goal of being happy, be strong, be vigilant, and don't let anyone steal your joy. Here's a few tips to help you build your own happiness.
  1. Watch the movie, Happy! It will explain the science of happiness and introduce you to people who have found the secret and entire communities that have they've mastered the art of happiness. 
  2. Exercise, eat well, and drink lots of water. This tip isn't about about looking good, it's about feeling good, having energy, and staying healthy. Remember that aerobic exercise stimulates endorphin production which help you to feel good.  There's scientific proof that exercise makes you feel happy. So get out there and speed walk, jog, run, hit a Zuma class and get moving!
  3. Spend most of your spare time with happy people. This about surrounding yourself with joy. Get together with the people that you have the most fun with. Be around people that laughter comes easy with. your time is valuable and so is your joy. You can't always control who spend time with but when you can, be very picky. Don't let anyone steal your joy, guard it with your life.
  4. Spend time with kids. Whether they are yours or someone else's, they have a knack for being real and making you notice the little joys in life. Kids have less hang ups than grown ups, making it easier for them to see the silly side to life. 
  5. Take time to celebrate the little miracles in life. For example, just when you thought something wasn't going to work out, out of nowhere, something happened to make everything go smoothly. Little miracles happen every day and when you take the time out to notice them, you build up your faith making it harder for you to worry about things. 
  6. Be grateful. Gratitude allows us to appreciate the present moment. Take out the time to show gratitude and acknowledge the things you are thankful for. Don't let the great things that are happening go unnoticed. A good exercise at the end of each day is to take a moment to write down or at least recognize 3 great things that happened to you. Need more convincing? Check out for the benefits of gratitude. You'll be surprised.
  7. Listen to music. Whether you listen to old tunes that make you remember fun times or new jams that make you want to move, music has a way of helping you forget your troubles. Sitting around feeling glum? Put some tunes on that make you jam and watch how fast your feel better. 7 Undeniable Benefits of Listening To Music from tells why you need music in your life. 
  8. Be in the moment by practicing mindfulness. Yesterday is no longer yours, tomorrow is not yet yours, but the present is a gift that's yours to enjoy. The Mindful website defines mindfulness as "the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us."
  9. Laugh as much as you can. Laughing uplifts your spirits. Watch a comedy show or read a funny book. Look for laughs online and watch funny videos of silly things that people do, bloopers, practical jokes etc. Check out for 9 Suprising Benefits of Laughter You Need To Know. Can you believe that laughter increases your immunity?!
  10. Stop taking life so seriously and don't be such a tight ass. Listen to Let it Go from the movie, Frozen! Actually, watch the whole movie! It could lift anyone's spirits.
  11. Get to know yourself better and build up your emotional intelligence. Psychology  Today defines emotional intelligence as your ability to know how to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Knowing how your react and the reactions of others will help you to build up your relationships rather than break them down. 
  12. Surround yourself with people who love you. It makes a big difference in your life if you surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart.
  13. Take a leap. What are you waiting for? It's not going to come to you. Do that thing you've been wanting about doing for a long time.
  14. Organize your life. Use a calendar to keep your appointments and events straight to avoid conflicts and ensure your prepared. Organize your space too. Clutter can chip away at your peace of mind. Get rid of the things you don't need. If you haven't used in the last 6 months, it's time to give it away or trash it. has some great tips for you in How To Organize Your Life: 10 Habits of Really Organized People.
  15. Last but definitely not least, do what works for you!
Now get out there and be happy!  When it gets tough, always remember that great things happen at the same time as bad things. Your level of happiness is dependent on your ability to focus on the great things.



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